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The New Mastersounds - The Deplar Effect Album Cover
The Deplar Effect, the new album NFT from the New Mastersounds, is now SOLD OUT!
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The Deplar Effect is the second NFT from The New Mastersounds and Color Red originally released on September 9th. This release followed the Watchu Want NFT, released back on June 13th. The Deplar Effect NFT is not only the companion to the new album, the NFT itself functions as the album, houses and plays the music, and gives fans access to an unprecedented experience never before seen from the band, plus two exclusive bonus tracks unavailable anywhere else.
If you’re purchasing on secondary markets, there are two NFTs to choose from, Silver and Gold. Please note, that some or all of the utility associated with this NFT may have already been redeemed as each of the following can only be redeemed once. For more information on how this works, please click here.
Upon purchasing The Deplar Effect NFT, and connecting their wallet to their Lively account, fans will be able to claim the following unredeemed utility via your Lively account:
  • A copy of The Deplar Effect double album vinyl in limited edition colored 180g Ice Blue with gatefold.
  • Access to stream and download The Deplar Effect.
  • Two exclusive bonus tracks not available anywhere else.
  • Access to exclusive VOD content from the band.
  • For the lucky 25 fans that purchase the Gold edition, a private virtual meet and greet and signed vinyl will be available.
Need a bit more information on how to get set up, so you can purchase via secondary markets? Click here.
Heard some things about NFTs that don’t feel right or just a bit confused why we’re doing it this way? That’s totally understandable, we weren’t sure either, but we’ve put a ton of research and thought into this and feel like it’s the right thing for us and you. The main reason is that we value you as fans, but we’ll get to that in a moment.
Right out the gate, we know you may have heard that NFTs aren’t great for the environment. Ethereum, as of this month, has optimized its network to be 99.9% more efficient, effectively eliminating its impact on the environment.
Back to the bigger reason though. We value you as fans, no literally we think you bring immense value and without you, we couldn’t do what we do. It’s about time you started sharing in that value. Utilizing NFTs you can take ownership in the value you bring. Purchase an NFT and decide you don’t want it any longer? You can sell it for any amount of money you chose on secondary markets and when you do we’ll receive a small portion of that sale that we’ll put right back into creating amazing experiences for you. The thing is though, you’ll really want to hold onto this NFT.
While you’ll be able to receive everything we listed above including the vinyl, access to music, listening parties and more, we plan to do a lot more of this kind of thing in the future and anyone still holding this NFT will get things we haven’t even announced yet and partnering with our friends at Lively makes it easy for you never to miss anything by checking out your account.
Still not feeling it or just want a deeper dive on what the heck an NFT is anyway? Check out the following section for a deeper dive.
NFT stands for Non Fungible Token, but what does fungible even mean, and for that matter why is that important? So glad you asked.
Fungible means the ability to replace or be replaced by an identical item. For example, money is fungible. If you have one dollar and someone else has a dollar, you can trade dollars and still each have the exact same value. It doesn’t matter if one dollar has a stain on it or the other dollar is slightly older, they both have the exact same buying power which is of course, one dollar.
What about things that are not fungible? This is most things, but for example, houses aren’t fungible. This means that it isn’t possible for them to be replaced by an identical item because no two houses are the same. Even if two houses had the exact same structure, on the exact same size lot, and were built at the exact same time, the two owners of those two houses could not trade houses and have the exact same value. Each might have sentimental value to the house they owned, or one owner didn’t keep up with the wear and tear of their house. Perhaps one house’s neighbor is worse than the other, or one house’s neighborhood is more desirable? So why is all of this important?
The Watchu Want NFT was the first NFT from The New Mastersounds and Color Red. The Watchu Want NFT gave fans access to the exclusive early release of Watchu Want, the first single off the upcoming album, The Deplar Effect.
Fans claimed a free NFT of the single and received exclusive access to the band’s performance in Menorca streaming on Lively at 8p ET on 6/23. They were also able to participate in a live Q&A with band members during the stream.